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In all my 28 years of life, I have never seen such hatred and wordly violence on a blog post.  TryingTwenties obviously lives in a world where you would think certain comments would not be allowed or posted on a news site, www.click2houston.com

If you don’t know, it became late breaking news last night that there was a shooting at TSU.  I know many of you are already sick of hearing about it.  However, it wasn’t that big of a deal  until I came across the archaic comment of one such racist person that had nothing good to say.

RegisteredQuanellEleven 32 minutes ago Negroes always talk about the way things “should” be instead of getting off their lazy posteriors and do something. Until that happens Elisa, I will expect violent animal behavior from them. It is only prudent.
Shoulda, coulda, woulda can all be defeated by one “did”.
Until then Elissa, your theory that we are all “human” is suspect and it is only good advice to expect violence from your “hood”.
Now, go have a “Drank”.

The TryingTwenties team is angry with the writer as well as the news station that has allowed this type of B.S. to be posted numerous times.  Our philosophy is that you can hate us, but damn it, keep it quiet! 

VerifiedElisa2002 2 hours ago I think even though we have progressed in America, we still have a lot of work to do against racism. What makes a white person better than a black person. We are all HUMANS!!! There is bad and good in all races. Some people just choose to be ingnorant and hateful. What happen at TSU is the act of ignorance that put innocent lives in danger. Instead of making this a racist issue we should focus on the security of schools. Teach our children to handle things more maturely. The teacher and parents need to realize that the children of today are being spoiled rotten and not shown consenqueces for their actions. They committ crimes and are easily let off.

Thank God for people who spoke out against the constant stereotyping of the school.  It is an all black school where something unfortunate happen.  Yes, there was a rapper performing, yes, there was a large crowd of black people at a block party, and yes, there was a driveby.  Unfortunately, the situation played out like a bad scene in Boyz in da Hood and TSU will forever be criticized about it, along with black people in general. 

QuanellEleven 27 minutes ago T.S.U. is nothing more than a stopping place to pick up free Federal money on the inevitable journey to prison.
Shut it down and quit apologizing for the corruption and violence.

What’s crazy is that this event was not meant to be bad.  And I seriously thought we got past the driveby’s in the 90’s.  Each and every person there came out to a family function to witness a favored performer and have a good time. 

When you say it like that, why did the reporters have to turn it into something it was never intended to be?  We as black people can get together in love and harmony and have an awesome time.  But unfortunately at this event the media and other racist people could not wait to discuss this event in detail.  All because a few gang bangers decided to take a black event down 20 notches and make a good situation super ghetto.

QuanellEleven 1 hour ago Shooting people is a course at T.S.U. Part of a bachelor’s degree program.

All my Ladies out there,  especially my college ladies at TSU and PVU, no matter what your race is, TryingTwenties wants you to always act accordingly and promote yourself and your race in the highest form possible.  It is our mission to keep all women strong, successful and fabulous.  Please better yourselves with education, careers and constant learning and higher thinking.  Haters will always have something to talk about, but let’s do our best to minimize the drama in our races and work together with all positive groups to better everyone’s communities.

Let this fool’s statement anger you to prove how awesome you can and will be as a human being, but NEVER be violent! Read the article below and get the facts for yourself.


LIVE Life and LOVE those who love you back (No Racist, please).

Kesharion “Keke” Parker


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