Trying to Stay Angry…


Chris Brown apologizes to the fans and speaks out on how he feels about the incident. Although he claims that he can not go into detail he swears that he has tried to make ammends with Rhianna and has done soul searching to figure out how he has failed women and his fans.

Okay, so ya’ll ain’t met me yet.  I’m Keke and they don’t let me write on the blog too much because I can’t control my temper OR my language…..Especially when it comes to raggedy ass dudes.  Grow the f*** up, men!

Seriously?! Chris, the ladies ain’t responding to that bunch of bull shish.  We are still so pissed, that your career will be tanked for a hot minute….how ’bout longer…way longer…more than just these few months!  People are not even ready to see you still existing in public yet….especially at Michael Jackson’s funeral.  For real tho’, we might be ready for that new hot dance club single, but we are not ready to forgive you yet. 

The apology was cool, in theory!  It should have come way sooner and you should have sounded less rehearsed.  Dude, really?!!!  Rihanna is a better woman than all of us.  You beat her and she only pressed charges?  Let me tell you how I would’ve responded.  Hit me once and you better knock me out the first time.  Because when I get back up, I’m killing your ass.  Yes, killing!  Round house kicking your head off, literally!  Your neck would have been broken in 3 places and you would never hit me again because you’d be paralyzed or dead.  When they ask me in court, why I did it, I’d say, “He hit me and I got back up. He had to die.  Bottom line.”  You know Cedric the Entertainer used to say in his performance, “I wish a ni*** would!”  And he’s right.  It’s just a saying with so much truth.  You don’t wish it would happen, but if it did, you just got your opportunity to  f*** a dude up.  

I’m sorry boo, but we loved you and that is why we are so hard on that ass now.  You truly let us down and being a woman who has overcome certain issues with her raggedy men, you gets NO love!  That weak ass apology might be respected in the media, but TryingTwenties will have issues with you until you go to rehab and get married.  Even then we’ll be checking your wife for bruises and bucking up to her just to make sure she don’t flinch.

It is so sad to us to see your career NOT be the bomb.  TryingTwenties loved you!  You better hope the media gets bored with the Michael Jackson scandals and they start searching for something else to cover.  They’ll be the only one’s who can rebirth you back into the industry and force forgiveness on the sullied hearts of your female fan base.  They did it for Michael Phelps.  They crapped on him for the weed, but with open arms embraced him and let him be on Conan and the ESPY’s.  I don’t get it, but even if you do come back, we will only commit to downloading your shish, and rocking it behind closed doors.

Ladies, you decide if we forgive him or not. Check out the whack ass apology and let us know if your daughters, sisters, mommas, aunties, cousins, or homegirls will ever give him the respect he wants so badly from us, his fans and the public.

I don’t know, Chris, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Ladies, speak up!   I wanna know. Do we forgive him, yet? 

LOVE those who love you back. (NO wifebeaters, please!)

Kesharion “Keke”  Parker


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  1. I believe he is truly sorry but I feel he should have spoke from his heart with no rehearsal, he did sound rehearsed but although it was I can see in his eyes he regrets it. He could regret it because his career is sinking or he could be truly sorry for touching a woman in that manner, either way only God has a right to judge people by their actions and I forgive him. No one deserves to be hit but some should be.. lol Not sayin my girl RiRi did but no one knows what really happen but Rihanna and Chris B. and he is already being severely punished for it.

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