Trying to Not Forget…


If you still can’t get past Michael’s untimely death, then Trying Twenties wants to give  you a different alternative to remembering the Legacy that is Michael Jackson.  


Who’s Bad is a touring tribute band that glorifies Michael’s music and choreagraphy in a show that is like no other.  The lead singer who impersonates Michael honors him by dressing in our favorite MJ fashions.   When Joseph Bell comes out on stage, you actually think he is Michael in his Jehri Curl pony tail, white button down shirt, high white socks and those black penny loafers.  This band is “BAD”.  To be perfectly honest…they are Excellent! 

Tickets go on sale at House of Blues Houston – Friday, July 10th.  It will be “Off the Wall” as we remember the Legendary King of Pop. 

Saturday 10/17/2009
Doors 08:00 PM | Show 09:00 PM
Price: $13.50 – $20.00 | Ages: all

House of Blues Houston
1204 Caroline Street
Houston, TX 77002
(888) 402-5837

“I’ll Be There”,

Aerika Eshelle


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