Trying to Make Sense of Things…


Today was an historic event that commemorated the life and time of Michael Jackson’s music, family and achievements.  I’m sure you watched online or on a tv in your office’s conference room earlier today.  You most likely saw some other events occur at the memorial that were typical of some guests and out of the ordinary for others.  Here’s what Trying Twenties witnessed as we gathered around the flat screen.


Quote of the Day

Whenever Al Sharpton is present, you have to be cautious of any buffoonery that may happen while he is around.  I’m sorry, but he made a statement directed to Michael’s lil’ white children, that I just couldn’t fully appreciate.  Let us know your thoughts on this quote because we probably heard it out of context.

“There wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy!!!” – Al Sharpton

1. How is that comforting to those babies who just lost their daddy?  Michael was not strange to them, he was slightly strange to us at times….but that’s not our place to say, this the day of his funeral. 

2. And how you gonna be all country with the comment?  Why try to prove a point today of all days and make them children NOW wonder what they heck was really going on?


Michael Jackson

 Usher..Usher..Usher..Usher…Poor, Poor Usher.  I don’t think he even realized he walked off the stage and was slowly approaching the casket.  You know we love you Boo, but that was not apart of the routine. 

usher at mj2

As Usher continues his rendition of Gone Too Soon, he proceeds to rub the casket where Michael may have layed.  Somebody could have gotten that baby away from the casket before he broke down.  Where was his wife?  Oh yeah…She’s Gone Too Soon, also.  I heard they were getting a divorce.   I’ll be your new boo, Usher. 

usher at mj5You were distraught that the King of Pop that you modeled your career and dance moves after has gone on to glory.  Let’s just try to refrain from buffing a new shine on the thing.


Chris Brown

Speaking of People missing their Idols….Check out Chris Brown.  I don’t think Michael would have condoned Wife Beaters at his Farewell Celebration, but I guess you can’t control who shows up.  Sorry, Chris, we really wish you hadn’t killed your career because we loved you.  Being that we are a site about Being Fabulous, we have to side with our Sista, Rihanna.

And we have to get on the family for one minute.  We love them, but if you saw the broadcast, Michael’s daugther, Paris, wanted to speak at her father’s funeral about what he had been and meant to her.  Before the baby had the opportunity to say two words in the mic, Janet gonna tell her “Speak up, baby. Speak up.”  Okay, Seriously?!   I know the Queen of Whisper, did NOT just tell this terrified child to speak up.  I have never heard Janet ever speak over a crowd with that soft voice of hers.  That was so ironic to us that we had to mention it!  You let a child speak when you didn’t and had the nerve to try criticize her in public.  Funny, how in times of stress people think they are helping the situation when they are really not.  I mean did it take every person’s hand on the stage to help the baby with the mic?  Just wondering.  When people are distraught, they do weird things.

Michael Jacksonparis&janet

If you didn’t see it, watch the replay.  If you hadn’t cried yet, PLEASE watch the replay!  This little girl mustered up enough courage to say these few, yet profound words about Michael Jackson.  ” Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. I love you so much”.  Touching and compelling words coming from just a mere child, especially this being her first time seen by the public.  She didn’t have a mask to hide behind now and she did a spectacular job representing the Jacksons!  Go ‘head Paris!  You truly embodied the Trying Twenties spirit and we know that you’ll grow up to be the strong young lady that your father would have wanted you to be.

You know we could go on and on about Mariah Carey’s non-singing self, and Joe Jackson looking a hot mess, and that oldest son of Michael’s smacking on that gum during the whole service?  Who let him do that?  Anybody else would have beaten him.  I’m just saying….

Michael Jackson

And we definately missed a few people at the festivities.  I definately thought President Barak and First Lady Michelle would have been in the place.  Also, has anyone heard from Oprah?  What about Lisa Marie and the Baby Mama’s? 

It’s been a long stressful day and we still don’t know who is gonna get them little white kids.  I’m out.

LIVE life.  LAUGH about it.  LOVE those who love you back,

Aerika Eshelle


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