Trying to be a RichGirl…



Totally enjoyed Beyonce’s I AM Tour last night.   These days many artists don’t have an opening performance, they just make you wait and listen to some whack DJ spin 2  hours until they decide to come out and perform.  To my surprise last night, there was NOT a DJ, but an actual opening group…..which happened to be awesome!!  Trying Twenties loves this new up and coming all girl foursome.    4 gorgeous girls who call themselves RichGirl ascended ladders and rocked the crowd with their latest single…He Ain’t Wit Me Now (THO).

Off the chain for real!!  I’ve been googling them all day trying to find out more about them. My girl and I wrote them off at first, thinking they were some loser reality TV show winners  that wouldn’t even make it.  But…to my surprise these girls were handpicked by Rich Harrison.  He is the very dude that produced top hit songs like Crazy in Love and Soldier  for Destiny’s Child and Beyonce’.  

So we’re like okay, we can be down with what they represent and actually be supportive of the group.  Trying Twenties loves RichGirl because they are the Grown and Sexy group that Destiny’s Child would have been if they had still been together.  Guess that’s why they were a good fit to tour with Beyonce’.  Look, it’s like you have Beyonce’, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and the Filipino Chick (Nicolle Scherzinger) from Pussy Cat Dolls, all in one group. 

 These RichGirls can all sing and contribute vocally to the song.  And it gets better.  They are not scandoulous nor are they gold diggers like the group name may imply.  Reading more about them, the group is comprised of a very down to earth and Fabulous group of girls named Audra, Seven, Brave and Lyndriette.  The group embodies the very essence of what Trying Twenties believes in….Being Rich in Life, Laughter and Love….Oh yeah, and of course Attitude and Confidence.   They are dripping with Girl Empowerment! 

Check out their video below of their first single… He Ain’t Wit Me Now (THO).   We love this video and I even pulled the lyrics to get a better understanding of what they were saying.  It’s all about putting your Freak ‘Em dress on and droppin’ it like it’s hot at the club with your girls.  It’s not that we do it every weekend, but sometimes you do want a little dance and a little drank without your boo all up on you.  My Super Single Sistas get that!!

Check out MyRichGirl.com for the latest on their tour dates and the production of their self entitled first album RichGirl.  We can’t wait to hear more from the Fabulous, Flirty and Fun Foursome.

Remember Live Life and be Rich in it,

Aerika Eshelle


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