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The Trying Twenties Team Mourns the Untimely Death of Michael Jackson.Michael-Jackson-michael-jackson-41266_1024_768Whether you are in your Twenties or remember being Twenty, generations of fans were inspired by the singer/songwriter/producer/performer/choreographer/King of Pop/Legend, Michael Jackson.   We are so sad to see his life end at such a young, active age of 50.   The team sat around in awe of the news and were hurt by the fact that we will never be able to see him on tour.   Try with us to Remember the Times when We Fell in Love with Michael Jackson.

1. One of my goals growing up was to be  a PYT.  I knew I wanted to be Fabulous early.  He was singing about me!

2. We did the dance to Thriller in a club and tore it up.  Don’t act like you don’t know it either!  We rocked it better than those Zombies….hehe

3. Loved when Michael came out with a new music video that was like the Best Movie of the Year.  Again….Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Remember the Time, Scream, and You Rock My World.

4. I remember going to my best friend’s house when I was little and all she wanted to do was watch MoonWalker over and over again.  Kinda wanted to play outside, but whatev….Smooth Criminal performance was fly.

5. Hurt myself trying to do the Smooth Criminal Lean like Michael.  Durn near broke my neck 🙂

6. It’s sad, but I LMAO thinking about the  Jehri Curl incident.  You know when it caught on fire during the Pepsi commercial?   Too Soon?  Sorry.

7.  It was a family event to watch The Jacksons: An American Dream. You remember the first time it was televised was in 1992.   And you know you still watch it everytime it comes on VH1….LOL

8. I remember thinking that Michael was a good looking, young, black dude.  From the Afro to the Jehri Curl…You know me….Let your soul glow, baby! 

9. Watching the news report of his sold out tours oversees and seeing all the people crying and passing out over Michael.  He truly spoke a language through music that transcended cultures and racial barriers.

10. Bottom Line, we loved Michael Jackson…It didn’t matter if he was Black or White!

Remember, LIVE life….and cherish all the moments that make you smile.

The Trying Twenties Team – Angel, Aerika and Keke


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