Trying Not to Laugh…


LAUGH about it.

In all things in LIFE, you have to find the comedy amidst the drama to keep a smile on your face and your spirits high. The Trying Twenties Team has chosen some of our favorite youTube videos to keep you laughing.

First, I want to say Big Ups to the Feisty Lil’ Asian chick on the newest AT&T Uverse commercial. She did the damn thang with that! I was like “Man, what station does that show come on?! I want to watch.” I would’ve hired her to reinact all my shows too! It’s hilarious how she has the neck roll and all the little ghetto fab attitude. When she is Twenty, she will be Fabulous, Flirty and Fun!! Get it, Girl!

Gotta love this one! Give this little dude props! He learned the dance to hottest video of the year. And aren’t we jealous of that outfit, Ladies?! I know you’ve seen the video Twenty times, but we still love it. It had us up one night in the living room trying to be Beyonce’. I’m just mad he is in an itty bitty dorm room twisting the way he is. And trust that dance is harder than it looks 🙂

OMG!! This one is our all time favorite YouTube video. We hate to laugh at other people’s pain…but this one takes the cake. This girl totally doesn’t realize she is about to make the most hilarious video of all time. It’s long, but worth the watch. My girl called me in the middle of the night after watching it and had me dying laughing at 2am. This is truly a video of why’s. Why is she making a homemade music video? Why did she do a wardrobe change? Why did she feel the need to get up on that rickety dollar store table from grandma’s? Why did she raise her pants’ leg to show you her shoes on the table? Why can you hear the table creaking underneath the baby, crying out for relief? Why is it so funny when she fell? Probably because of all the built up questions of wondering what she was Trying to do.

She gets the “Try Something New Award”. It’s reserved for those who try to do it big, even when they look crazy and hurt themselves. “Try anything once. If it doesn’t kill you, do it again.”

Always remember “LAUGH about it”.

Love always,
Aerika Eshelle

P.S. Send us your favorite YouTube spots.


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