Trying to Find What’s Next…


The Christian Critique

Have you ever lost something you worked so hard and diligently to acquire? It literally slipped through your fingertips and you just had to watch it fall? It leaves you to wonder is it the Devil joyously planning your failure? Is it God directing your path? Or is it just a messed up situation?

Whether it is losing a guy you really didn’t like, losing a job you hated or losing a house in a raggedy neighborhood, messed up things happen, but we tend to care too much about them. These issues can cause you to question your purpose, your pride and your Christianity. You wonder what did I do or didn’t do that I am not blessed like others who work their dream job and make 6 figures? I’m super single, why can’t I get an excellent man who cares about me? Or why do I not have a beautiful home with a husband, 2.5 kids and a dog?

What’s the deal for real? Do I get upset with the Lord and say “Really, Jesus?!”, or do you just continue to trust and seek his will? Unfortunately, not everyone’s blessing is your blessing. But I do promise that your time is on the way.

My girls and I have had some major upsets in life like so many of you have had in your Twenties. That’s why they are Trying. But out of the frustration that life has handed us, we hope that our faith has kept us protected from some things and will propel us to the destiny that we deserve.

To all my girls that are struggling with a layoff, please know that you are awesome and that I want so badly for you to be Fabulous. Don’t just write a blog, write a book and be on Oprah. Don’t just get laid off from the job you hated anyway; you have time now to make your side hustle your main hustle and do it big. Take your dreams to the next level and make the company wish they hadn’t let you go when you start making millions.

To all my girls that are Super Single, remember you are Super Sexy and that Someone up there is listening to your prayers and He is mostly likely protecting you from a wrong future Baby Daddy and preparing your Mr. Right. I know you are already Ms. Right, but make sure you keep your game face tight and acquire all kinds of new skills that makes you awesome for when Mr. Right becomes your husband. Remember Trying new things will make you more interesting and will get you noticed by your boo.

To all my Future Homeowners, don’t trip on that first home loan not being approved. You think you found your dream home at the right price and you have already fantasized about furniture placement and Ikea kitchen installations. But please know that if the process has become snake bitten, then there is a reason. Maybe your calling is to go from “Sexless in the Suburbs” to “Sex in the City”. Take the opportunity to live in the city, save some gas, and enjoy the nightlife.

To all my fabulous ladies, whether single, living with your boo, married, divorced or widowed, we know you are trying to do big things and we support you. Just remember to keep your head on straight, even when you are angry at You, Your Mama and Jesus. Also, keep an upbeat perspective. Our hands can’t be open to receive the right thing if the wrong thing is balled up in our tight little fist. You never know what life has in store for you. Wait on Him to Show up and Show Out! I promise, it’ll happen when you least expect it.

Until then, LIVE life to the fullest. LAUGH about it. LOVE those who love you back. (No stalkers, please).

Love your girl,
Angel Elexa


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